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AutoCAD LT 2008 software is the world’s number-one-selling 2D drafting and detailing product. Design professionals need the full DWG native file format compatibility that AutoCAD LT 2008 provides. Although the 3D capabilities and advanced customization is not in AutoCAD LT 2008, the 2D design process is simplified. The many new tools and features, such as annotation scaling, text and table enhancements, and multiple leaders, are focused on making everyday tasks quicker and with fewer errors. Existing features like Dynamic Blocks and express tools will make you love your job more and more. Working smarter allows your work to go quicker, resulting in a smoother work day. AutoCAD LT 2008 runs on Windows Vista or XP.

  • Simplifies daily tasks with full DWG native file format compatibility, annotation scaling, layer properties per viewport, text and table enhancements, and multiple leaders
  • Efficient drafting means across-the-board improvements to help ensure that the time-consuming tasks you do every day won't slow you down
  • Simplified data exchange leads to fast, secure collaboration among team members no matter where they are--because the quicker you share, the quicker you finish.
  • Painless plotting means you can spend more time on the front end designing and less time on plotting
  • Create, collaborate, and deliver more efficiently than ever

AutoCAD LT 2008 Buying Choices

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Buy Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2008 $769.99 FREE
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Buy Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2008 $769.99 FREE


AutoCAD LT 2008 Upgrade Buying Choices

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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2008 Video Review

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2008 Video Review
Drew from BuyTV interviews Carolina Loiacond, Autodesk Product Marketing Manager.

AutoCAD LT Features and Benefits

AutoCAD LT Features and Benefits (pdf - 62Kb)
Learn more about many of the new AutoCAD LT features and their benefits.

Compare Your Version of AutoCAD LT with AutoCAD LT 2008

Compare Your Version of AutoCAD LT with AutoCAD LT 2008 (pdf - 38Kb)
See what has been added to AutoCAD LT since your last upgrade by viewing the side-by-side comparison of AutoCAD LT Releases.

New Features Workshop
Learn about new features and enhancements in AutoCAD LT 2008 software.

What's New in AutoCAD LT
AutoCAD LT software makes all parts of the 2D design process more productive. From DWG native file format compatibility to dynamic blocks, to annotation scaling and table enhancements, daily tasks are simplified, helping you concentrate on the design instead of the toolset.

Annotation Scaling

AutoCAD LT 2008 introduces the concept of annotation scale as an object property. Designers can set the current scale of a viewport or model space view, and then apply that scale to each object and specify its size, placement, and appearance based on the scale set for the viewport. In other words, annotation scale is now automated.

Layers per Viewport
In AutoCAD LT 2008 the layer manager has been enhanced to allow users to specify color, line weight, linetype, or plot style as an override for an individual viewport. These overrides can be easily turned on or off as viewports are added or removed.

Enhanced Tables
Enhanced tables now give users the option to combine AutoCAD LT and Windows Excel tabular information into a single AutoCAD LT table. This table can be dynamically linked so that notifications appear in both AutoCAD LT and Excel as data is updated. Users can then select these notifications, allowing instant updating of information in either source document.

Text & Table Enhancements
The enhanced MTEXT editor now provides the ability to specify the number of columns required and flows new text between those columns as users make edits. The space set between each column of text and the edge of the paper is also customizable. All of these variables can be adjusted to specific values in the dialog box, or adjusted interactively using the new multicolumn text grips.

Multiple Leaders

The new multiple leader panel on the dashboard has enhanced tools that automate the creation of multiple leaders and the orientation of the leaders (tail or content first) with the notes.

Efficient Everyday Drafting
Just because you perform certain tasks day in and day out doesn't mean they have to be tedious. AutoCAD LT streamlines day-to-day tasks by improving the functionality of the tools used to perform them.

Create and edit Dynamic Blocks
to save time and help standardize drawings by eliminating the need to redraw standard components again and again, and reduce your cumbersome block libraries in the process.

Use AutoCAD Layer Express Tools for layer management to dramatically increase your day-to-day drafting productivity.

Create tables painlessly with a one-step process rather than manually drawing each line, and save time by performing calculations directly in your tables. When values are updated automatically, errors go down.

Manipulate text efficiently by viewing, sizing, and positioning text as you type. Adjust text appearance as needed using familiar tools common in other text-editing applications, and easily create multiline paragraphs and bulleted or numbered lists of notes with professional-quality formatting.

Simplify hatching by creating multiple hatches without repetitious use of the Hatch command, easily place a hatch at your preferred origin point, and quickly calculate both individual and cumulative hatch areas.

Customize tool palettes so you save time by placing frequently used content in one place so you can quickly drag them into your designs.

Seamlessly interface with your design data and keep your attention focused on your work as you enter command information and get immediate feedback at the graphics cursor.

Dimension with greater ease giving your dimensions exactly the linetype you prefer without exploding and editing them. Avoid time-consuming workarounds to dimension an arc, save time by automating the creation of a jogged dimension line, and flip an individual dimension arrow from inside to outside the dimension line and back.

Simplified Data Exchange
Save time and money by electronically sharing intelligent design data, allowing teams to review, print, mark up, and round-trip changes quickly, easily, and with fewer errors.

Publish intelligent design data with DWF technology and save time by simplifying collaboration with your design team. At 1/10th the size of other file formats, DWF is the fastest, easiest way to communicate design information while helping to ensure secure and efficient sharing at any stage of the project lifecycle.

View and Mark up designs and easily coordinate projects throughout design review by replacing the paper process with review and round-tripping functionality in free* Autodesk Design Review software. Mark up drawings with comments, sketches, dimensions, text, and stamps before sending them on their way. Workflow is streamlined, fidelity is increased, and jobs are finished--faster.

Use DWF as an underlay to share design information with other companies on a project. It's the perfect starting point for adding more information to the design.

Read/write to past versions of AutoCAD, increasing collaboration and the exchange of data with users of older versions of AutoCAD software.

Export files in PDF format so customers who have standardized on Adobe PDF can view and print design files.

*This product is subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of this software.

Painless Plotting
Simplified plotting helps you spend more time on design.

Access the most frequently used plot controls all in one dialog box, and view a full preview showing how your plot will look once the drawing is plotted with an enhanced plot user interface.

Reduce time waiting for plot jobs and spend more time drafting with background plotting, which enables you to continue working in the drawing editor while AutoCAD LT software plots in the background.

Stay on top of plot jobs by being notified when a plot job is completed.
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