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Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009

Below are a few excerpts from Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009.

New User Interface
In the upper-left corner of the screen, right-click on the Quick Access toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access toolbar and then drag your favorite commands to personalize it for maximum productivity.

Pin Important Drawings and Actions
Here is a favorite: The shortcut menu in the menu browser lets you pin a drawing file so it won’t fall off the list. You can also pin actions you use over and over for quick access.

Status Bar
Check out the new Hide XREF Scales option added to the VP Scale list.

Quick View Layouts
Right-clicking any layout displays the standard shortcut menu with a fabulous new Export Layout to Model option.

Quick View Drawings
Use the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the size of the drawing preview image.

ViewCube Feature
Click the house icon on the ViewCube to quickly return to the home view. Just right-click the ViewCube to set the home view.

SteeringWheels Feature
Switch to Up/Down by holding down the Shift key (in Walk mode).

Layer Management
A new option to combine layer property changes for Undo/Redo can be found in the User Preferences tab of the Options dialog box.

Layer Properties per Viewport
Use the new SETBYLAYER command to quickly change objects to bylayer, including those within blocks and nested blocks.

Action Recorder
Macros don’t understand dialog boxes except for the Layer Manager and Properties dialog boxes. All other commands with dialog boxes need to be run at the command line, with a dash [-] in front of the command. For example: -HATCH. The macro can get you into a dialog box, but you will need to enter any information and exit manually.

Controlling Annotation Scale
Use SCALELISTEDIT to customize the list of scales.

Multiple Leader Style Manager
Use the shortcut menu to add leader lines. Use grips for speedy editing.

DWG TrueView
Use DWG TrueView to quickly apply a page setup to multiple layouts.

Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009
Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009

Click here to download the pdf file ACAD09_tipsntricks.pdf.


About Lynn Allen

Lynn AllenLynn Allen, Cadalyst columnist and worldwide Autodesk technical evangelist, speaks to more than 30,000 users each year. For the past 15 years she has written a monthly column in Cadalyst magazine called “Circles and Lines” and is the voice behind Cadalyst’s “Tips and Tricks Tuesdays.” Lynn started using AutoCAD software with Release 1.4, over 20 years ago, and got her start by teaching at the corporate and collegiate level for 12 years. A sought-after public speaker with a unique comedic style, Lynn has served as the Autodesk University emcee for 10 years and is always one of the highest-rated speakers. Her latest book is entitled AutoCAD Professional Tips and Techniques.

Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009
Lynn Allen's Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009

Click here to download the pdf file.
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