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AutoCAD 2009: Ribbon

The menus and toolbars in the AutoCAD user interface have been replaced. One of the new user interface features is the Ribbon. The Ribbon categorizes commands utilizing tabs. These tabs on the Ribbon organize the commands so that the most relevant ones are displayed for whatever task you are doing. The Home tab provides easy access to the most frequently used commands.

Overall drafting productivity is increased because the number of steps to reach a command is decreased using the ribbon interface. Command options are presented in a concise visual format, allowing you to quickly select commands based on the work you’re doing. You can customize and expand the ribbon so that it is optimized for each user and meet your company’s standards.

For more information, click here to view the AutoCAD Interactive Tour, and then, click on User Interface - Ribbon.

Don't forget to check out the AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial: Customize the Ribbon.

AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial: Customize the Ribbon
AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial: Customize the Ribbon

Video: Using the AutoCAD 2009 Ribbon

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